Friday, March 5, 2010

LB's hoops season review

Xavier Watson goes for up for two against three Mt. Hood guards.

LBCC basketball had a fairly decent season this year. The men's team is going to the NWAACC playoffs, and the women were forced to work out the kinks that come with having a brand new team.

The women's team had an up and down season at best. The Lady Roadrunners had it hard enough with a low turnout of players but to add on top of that multiple players became injured, one had a house burn down and others contracted H1N1.

Head coach Teresa Guerra came into a few more players late in the season but only played one of them. Multiple players in multiple games had to play the full 40 minute game length. Coaches should take advantage of those extra players and give key players a break and recover.

After Guerra found extra players to practice with, the women won two games, then fell back into a hole. Winning game story and others can be found on the women's basketball homepage.

The LB women may not have a big list of wins, but 0they show more heart than any other team and never look discouraged no matter the score. Would the outcome of the games in the latter part of the season have been different? Maybe and maybe not, but you got to give the team that chance to find out. Players from this season will have to try out again as Guerra looks to recruit a lot of new freshman talent for next season.

The men's team however has had a fairly good season. Winning all but two home games and clinching a spot in the playoffs for a chance at the NWAACC Championship.

LB's men play with a style and flair that must have been rubbed off from coach Randy Falk because most the players are very graceful and fluid. No show boating slam dunks or overly aggressive tactics, except for starter Taylor Roos.

Roos spends more time at the free throw line than any other player at any game. It's not an accident that he ends up there, Roos can shoot free throws with his eyes closed . The games in which LB won, Roos had at least 12 free throw attempts and hasn't missed one. Games where LB lost, Roos shot less than 10 free throws.

If Falk wants to push the team to the top then Roos needs to get to the free throw line.

“The way we win ball games is getting to the free throw line, and we’re very successful at that, and if we remember to do that we give ourselves a better chance,” said head coach Randy Falk.” I appreciate how hard our guys played and we are going to the NWAACC’s [playoffs] for the second year in a row and that’s a very positive reflection on our guys.”

Articles on LB men can be found here.

"We played hard physically but didn’t come out with the heart and desire,” said starting center Andrew Carter after their first playoff game which resulted in a disappointing loss.

  • Who: LB men's and women's basketball
  • What: NWAACC season and playoff potential.
  • Where: LB's Athletic Center
  • Men: Made it to playoffs but was sent home after first two games.
  • Women: Lack players, chemistry and had a rather forgettable season.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Poem reading in the diversity center

I've never sat in on a poem reading before and it was rather enjoyable and "deep."

The theme was women, so everyone who was participating brought in poems written by women from pre-civil war days to today, students also read poems they themselves created.

The poem I liked most was by a student whose name I did not catch, but his poem was called "Note to Self."

While he was reading his poem I thought the meaning was being lost; lost in the world and in yourself. I was close but his interpretation that he told after reading was about an experience while just walking when he said he felt like he was in the past and that the past was getting mixed up with the present.

Overall I feel like I would enjoy sitting in on another poem reading session no matter the topic.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Writers Choice: My Choice

I'm going to write another opinion/editorial piece because I feel like I need practice explaining my point view in writing. My topic will be LBCC's basketball season for both men and women.

I was going to do another profile, but it would be best to learn the game and the athletes better before deciding which player to pick for a profile.

Stephen King's "On Writing"

I really enjoyed Stephen King's "On Writing," because it did not read like a classroom textbook, a novel or a biography.

To me the reading felt informal and personal. Like someone giving you advice, not just telling you what to do.

I will take away from this, King's "toolbox." I've never heard a clear reason to using to much information till that.

To me scariest part of writing is not the start. But I'll take away King's idea to just diving in and letting it out. For me a writers block really sucks and I feel stuck and won't write a thing. But diving in without thinking twice when blocked is really very helpful. I don't feel this is true for only writing but can be applied to everyday life as well, Just jump in and go for it.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

G.T.'s Jennifer

Jennifer brought useful info and good stories to help describe what it's like as a reporter and editor and what it was like to cover various subjects when working for smaller papers.

The part about "waxing," made me laugh, I don't know but it sounds like cutting out articles, gluing them then taking a picture sounds tedious and a pain in the ass. How bad would it suck to notice a typo after its all said and done.

I liked the tips on advancing through the ranks. Starting as a news reporter/writer and move on to bigger papers or being a section editor and you can stay where you are.

A quote she said in the end about feature writing I liked and wrote down "don't talk about the bakery talk about the pie."

Friday, February 19, 2010

Josh Hill: local hero

Watch Josh Hill(75) on the blue Yamaha battle Kawasaki's Ryan Villopoto (2)

Now it's time fellow Oregonian and AMA pro motocross rider Josh Hill gets in position to make something of himself and live up to the hype that has been floating around him for years.

Hill was one of three other riders in motocross history to be recruited from the amateur ranks to ride for factory Yamaha, but unlike his predecessors. He went his first three years since turning pro in 2006, with no wins and few podiums.

Factory Yamaha showed much patience in trying to mold Hill into a champion, but old flaring injuries and lack of focus left Yamaha no choice but to let Hill go and not re-sign him.

But as one door closes another opens and that is what happened with Hill.

S&M Band of Mission Indians Yamaha who signed superstar motocross rider James Stewart a year ago as their top rider. Now, Hill has been signed on as his teammate.

Speed TV's Jeff Emig talked with Hill said Hill visited a nutritionist and found various food allergies including meats. Hill cut the allergic foods from his diet, dropped around 15 pounds and is now a title threat in 2010 Supercoss series.

If Hill puts together a consistent season then he very well may be the first supercross champion from Oregon.

So far Hill has been on the podium every race, and is now tied with Ryan Dungey for top spot. Dungey won't be easily beaten but he does make big mistakes and if Hill can capitalize on that then he take home a win and maybe the championship.

Although this season is proving to be an epic one with both past reigning champions out with injuries. This season will be tough for Hill as Ryan Villopoto and Dungey also have a shot to claim their first supercross title.

Hill's stats:

Birth date: July 30, 1989
Residence: Yoncalla, OR
Height: 5' 11"
Weight: 185 lbs
Turned Pro: 2006
National Number: 75
Team L&M Sam Manuel Band of Mission Indians Yamaha

Friday, February 12, 2010

Moving forward: The Andrew Carter profile

Standing 6-foot-3inches with tattoos covering much of each forearm, Andrew Carter, 25, cuts an imposing figure in the middle of the key as Linn-Benton's starting center.

Never mind the calm and easy-going personality that makes him pleasant to speak with. Come game time Carter proves to be a force on the court averaging over 14 points a game and consistently leads the team in rebounds.

Basketball did not come into Carters life until eighth grade. Carter grew up moving all around the Northwest with his troubled single mother. Carter said he spent a few years in the "system."

."I was in and out of different projects, I was in a foster home for a year and got into a little bit of trouble here and there." Said Carter. "I spent my junior and senior year at Corvallis, sophomore year in Warrenton, freshman year in Astoria and eighth grade in Portland."

When Carter was 17 he met his future wife Andrea. Together they have two children; Andrew Jr., 5, and Ezra age 3. They both are currently awaiting the arrival of their third child Zavier, between April and May. Carters wife and kids attend all the home games and can be seen sitting front row cheering their player on.

In 2004 Carter came to Linn-Benton for a term but felt it wasn't as important as working and supporting his family. He spent the next few years working physically laboring jobs such as roofing and construction but it soon burned him out. Now, Carter now has been a student since last year and is pursuing a degree in sports science and looking to possibly further his education at Western Oregon University.

Carter played basketball from eighth grade until his sophomore year in high school, but trouble kept him from making the team his junior and senior year. When a friend of Carter's invited him out to open gym last year, he got to play against a couple of guys on the basketball team and felt he could compete at their level.

"He's the heart and soul of our team,"said head coach Randy Falk. "His leadership is very strong, it is the kind of leadership that guys look up to and respect, and I have a tremendous amount of respect for Andrew for what he's doing in basketball and in his life in general."

Carter and the team made it into the NWAACC playoffs last year but were eliminated after the first two rounds. This year, however, leaves Carter and the rest of the team in high spirits.

"The team is a lot better than last year, there is more emphasis on team and there's no selfishness." said Carter. "The chemistry is great we are all friends and buddies and joke around. We care for each other, and get on each other's nerves once in awhile but we're like a family unit. Just like the big brother picking on the little brother."

Teammate Xavier Watson has a similar mentality to Carter about the team. "Chemistry is perfect," said Watson. "We're going to win the whole thing."

Andrew fun facts.

  • Childhood dream: To be a professional baseball player.
  • Fondest memory: "In eighth grade the first year I played basketball, I actually went the wrong way and went to the wrong basket. First game, first time in, I got the ball and missed the layup." said Carter
  • Perfect day: "No classes. Get up, work out, eat a really good breakfast at The Original Breakfast, that is my favorite place in Albany. Then take my kids to the park, go to the lake and barbecue with friends," said Carter
  • Tattoos: Left forearm is a large shaded skull with ribbon bearing the words "Till death do us part" signifying the love between he and his wife. Right forearm displays the Greek symbol for Christianity called Chi Rho, a tattoo he and a friend serving in Iraq got together.